Napco Access Systems: Protection In Acts of Workplace Violence Securing People, Facility & Assets 365/24/7 Onsite or Remotely

Healthcare Facilities large and small can be secured in acts of workplace violence with Napco Security Technology solutions. Napco Access Systems' provide real time monitoring and seamless integration with most intrusion and fire alarm and video surveillance systems, complete with dynamic maps, video PTZ and DVR/NVR control. In any act of violence or emergency alarm, fast rapid response is ensured via top-rated Napco StarLink Cellular/IP reporting to local security staff &/or a remote central office to can get quick, accurate pinpointed first responder or police response. Alarm events can trigger email or SMS emergency alerts and video recordings of the area. Napco's Continental Enterprise Access System provides Threat Level Management System, with an unlimited amount of assignable threat level groups and 5 color-coded states, supports instantly deactivating access privileges, by a badge, or badge holder-groups, with one mouse click onsite or via web client. Global Lockdown, or that by specific areas, can be activated by badgeholder, system operator, triggered script, or via advanced Napco Access Control Networx Locks, including those on normally free-access doors. In active shooter situations, bad actors can be contained within specific areas locked-down as "mantraps". In-list or muster reports can account for persons who need to be located, saving time and lives.

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