Continental opens more government doors

With a long heritage in government access control, from FBI Quantico to the Federal Reserve Bank, from Langely Airforce Base to Wallops Island, and from the Port Authority of NY/NJ to the USCIS, DHS and DOD, today, Continental's total systems approach delivers unrivaled features and no-delay high-speed processing all designed to meet new and future FIPS201 and TWIC requirements.

  • Panels process full cardholder CHUID numbers from all FIPS201, TWIC and CAC cards and reader formats
  • Unique no-delay realtime evaluation of cards and expiration dates right at panels - key for high — traffic areas and for embedded contractor or vendor access dates
  • High speed processing – door-open times of ½ second plus 10-times faster
    system communications and full panel downloads in as little as 3-seconds
  • Onboard storage for up to 1 million cards or 500,000 full-data FIPS PIV cards; 75, 128 and 200 bits
  • Future 256 bit PIV and biometric minutiae file support
  • Easy-to-administer CardAccess Software with EZ PIV-Badge Enrollment Utility with data-error check for FIPS, TWIC and CAC formats. Also featuring: Enhancedthreat level management with global lock-down, dynamic maps, multiple antipassback areas, web client remote access, NVR/DVR integration, etc.
  • Government legacy system support and easy, economical FIPS201 upgrades with virtually no downtime

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