Trilogy Networx

Trilogy Networx is known for being one of the best in its class. Featuring standalone digital, Prox, and classroom lock-down keyfob locks, with HID or iClass Prox readers & wireless networking. With global lockdown in seconds, without door-to-door programming and audit trail queries, you can do it from a lock, server, or keyfob. A Trilogy lock can be installed in less than an hour, allowing you to add wireless access control to one door at a time using Napco Access Pro Platforms.

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Networx One-Door Access Control Panel

Wireless Networx Panel for universal use with most standard IDs & readers. Ideal for many applications including those hard to wire to, such as gate controllers, it communicates wirelessly (900MHz), accepting up to two Weigand output devices, also includes 2 relays N/O or N/C, and 1.5A @12VDC power for strikes, mag locks, etc.

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AL-IME2-PIE: Plug-In Expander Module

Designer Wireless Access Locks

Architech Wireless Access Lock offer a customizable approach to your Access Locking needs. Ideal for Educational, commercial office or multi-dwelling residential settings, these stylish, durable locks can be used to control access one door at a time; across a wireless network, or as an integral part of a new or existing enterprise security system.

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